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The Boss

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At the end of the hand, the player with the most gangsters in the city wins the "city card" that was placed face down at the beginning of the hand.

Be the player with the most money at the end of the game!


Each city, except Chicago, has one hidden card underneath it. The rest of the cards are distributed among the players, giving each player information on which card is hidden under each city.

Each round, each player:

1) May place gangsters on a city. The large gangsters (Experts) are returned at the end of each round, while the small (Occasionalists) ones are not. After placing the gangsters, you must have more of them than any opponent on that city.

2) Must play a card from your hand, revealing that information about the city.

When everybody has 2 cards in their hand, the police card is turned over. If there are 3 police symbols with the same color turned over, the game ends after the hand in progress is finished.

When everybody is out of cards, reveal the face down cards.

Whoever has the most gangsters on the city 'wins' that face down card. If it is money, it is worth that many points.

If it is a gun one of your big gangsters is killed, the bars mean they go to jail for 2 rounds and the red cross sign is hospital for 1 turn.

If you get the crossed out man card in Cincinnati you are banned from playing gangsters there the rest of the game.


Chicago doesn't have a hidden card, instead it is worth one half (rounded down) of the sum of the last cards played from a player's hand on each of the cities to its left, it moves one space left each round.

Beginner Tips

  • Give out useless information early and hold on to your gangsters until seeing what your opponents are planning.
  • If you have the gun for Detroit or Kansas City you KNOW that city will be worth some points. This isn't true for Philadelphia which could still send you to jail.