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Your game state machine:

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This file describes the game states machine of your game (all the game states properties, and the transitions to get from one state to another).

Important: to understand the game state machine, the best is to read this presentation first:

Focus on BGA game state machine

Overall structure

The machine states is described by a PHP associative array.


$machinestates = array(

    // The initial state. Please do not modify.
    1 => array(
        "name" => "gameSetup",
        "description" => clienttranslate("Game setup"),
        "type" => "manager",
        "action" => "stGameSetup",
        "transitions" => array( "" => 2 )
    // Note: ID=2 => your first state

    2 => array(
    		"name" => "playerTurn",
    		"description" => clienttranslate('${actplayer} must play a card or pass'),
    		"descriptionmyturn" => clienttranslate('${you} must play a card or pass'),
    		"type" => "activeplayer",
    		"possibleactions" => array( "playCard", "pass" ),
    		"transitions" => array( "playCard" => 2, "pass" => 2 )


Game state ID

The keys determine game states IDs (in the example above: 1 and 2).

IDs must be positive integers.

ID=1 is reserved for the first game state and should not be used (and you must not modify it).

ID=99 is reserved for the last game state of the game (end of the game) (and you must not modify it).

Game state name

(mandatory) The name of a game state is used to identify it in your game logic.

PHP example:

// Get current game state
$state = $this->gamestate->state();
if( $state['name'] == 'myGameState' )

JS example:

        onEnteringState: function( stateName, args )
            console.log( 'Entering state: '+stateName );
            switch( stateName )
            case 'myGameState':
                // Do some stuff at the beginning at this game state