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==== Game logic ====
==== Game logic ====
[[Main game logic (<gamename>.game.php)]]
* [[Main game logic (]]
[[Your game state machine (]]
* [[Your game state machine (]]
[[Game database model (dbmodel.sql)]]
* [[Game database model (dbmodel.sql)]]
[[Players actions  (<gamename>.action.php)]]
* [[Players actions  (yourgamename.action.php)]]
[[Game material description (]]
* [[Game material description (]]
[[Game statistics (]]
* [[Game statistics (]]
==== Game interface ====
==== Game interface ====
[[Game interface logic (<gamename>.js)]]
* [[Game interface logic (yourgamename.js)]]
[[Game art (img directory)]]
* [[Game art (img directory)]]
[[Game interface stylesheet (<gamename>.css)]]
* [[Game interface stylesheet (yourgamename.css)]]
[[Game layout: view and template (<gamename>.view.php and <gamename>_<gamename>.tpl)]]
* [[Game layout: view and template (yourgamename.view.php and yourgamename_yourgamename.tpl)]]
==== Other components ====
==== Other components ====
[[Game options and preferences (]]
* [[Game options and preferences (]]

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Note: Please DO NOT translate Studio Documentation, so that there can be one place where you can find the last information available.

What is Board Game Arena Studio?

Board Game Arena Studio is a platform to build online board game adaptation using the Board Game Arena platform.

It is open to any gamer with development skills :)

See announcement here:

Discover BGA Studio in 5 presentations

Why, how, what... to start discovering BGA Studio, we prepare you 5 "powerpoint" presentations:

How to join BGA developer team?

Please see: How to join BGA developer team?

Great, I'm in! ... How should I start?

If you didn't already, check the presentations at the top of this page to get the basics.

After that, we would advise you to take a peek at one or both of these two game creation tutorials:

Then start editing files and see what happens! ;)

If you have any questions, please ask them on the development forum.

BGA Studio documentation

Studio FAQ

BGA Studio Framework reference

This part of the documentation focus on the development framework itself: functions and methods available to build your game.

File structure of a BGA game

Game logic

Game interface

Other components

Studio function reference

BGA Studio user guide

This part of the documentation is a user guide for the BGA Studio online development environment.

Studio back-office

Other resources

Development forum

Bugs forum