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Studio back-office

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You will find the URL to the Studio back-office in the 'resources.html' file at the root of your SFTP access.

Here is a list and description of the links and functions in this back-office.

Click on a menu to display its content.


Contains links to this wiki, the development forum and the bugs forum.


Contains a link to the Studio database administration tool (PHPMyAdmin).

Your login / password for this tool is the same as for your SFTP access.


Contains a form for committing your sources to the BGA repository.

  • Game name field should contain the name of your game (lower case, no space). Ex: puertorico
  • Comment field should contain your commit comment describing changes to the code since your last commit.

You should commit from time to time when you hit some landmarks in your development. This is an extra assurance not to lose your code, and to have the possibility (by asking BGA administrators) to get a previous version of your code if you need to backtrack.


Gives you a web based access to the studio server logs.

Current table error log
main log of interest to you while developing, it contains the error happening at the table you are currently playing at.
Current table request logs
this log traces all the actions happening at the table you are currently playing at.
Javascript error log
this log traces all the Javascript errors happening on the client side. Errors are also briefly displayed in your browser, but in this log it's better formatted and you can look a it quietly.
Gameserver error log
this log traces all errors happening on the gameserver. It should mainly be useful if your game setup crashes (ie before your table is ready, so before errors are collected in the current table error log), for example if there is a syntax error in your 'dbmodel.sql' file.
HTTP error log
this log traces the web server errors. This is useful to look at PHP syntax errors and warnings.

Please note that the three last logs are common to all games being developed on the platform, so there may be some noise in the data you are interested in.

You can open the log links in a different tab and just hit F5 when you need to refresh. The URL you will get for the new tab has a "?n=100" parameter that gives the number of lines to display: you can modify it in the URL if you need more.